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Jeff has been sharing writing strategies with teachers and students for over 25 years. Whether presenting at national conferences like NCTE, ASCD, or in classrooms or writing his books for teachers or middle grade readers, Jeff’s passion for writing and grammar inspires teachers and young writers to soar. When he’s not writing with his “revising” dogs at home near downtown San Antonio, Texas, he’s walking, talking, or doing staff development around the US (and sometimes New Zealand).

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  • Midwest Book Review
    A top pick for any collection strong in writing and editing approaches for grades 4-10.
    Midwest Book Review
  • Publisher’s Weekly
    Zack, who is also dealing with his parents’ recent divorce, is a sympathetic narrator, and Anderson spiritedly renders the voices and personalities of preteens.
    Publisher’s Weekly
  • School Library Journal
    Zack is a relatable narrator and embodies the middle school experience. The steady pace makes this novel a solid pick for reluctant readers.
    School Library Journal
  • Trista A., Houston
    "Jeff gets teachers talking about grammar--not just correcting or complaining, but having a conversation about how we can create an environment where students' skills actually improve.”
    Trista A., Houston
  • J. Payne, Georgia
    "Jeff’s writing workshop was both enlightening and helpful. He was engaging, hilarious, and knowledgeable. I honestly was dreading a workshop on grammar and I ended up seeing the reading-writing connection in a different way."
    J. Payne, Georgia
  • J. Lewis, Massachussets
    “I feel like Jeff is a good friend, sitting down next to me and explaining ways to make my grammar and writing instruction better. His books are so easy to read and full of ideas.”
    J. Lewis, Massachussets
  • E. Wiezman from Ohio
    “I just had to let you know what amazing things are happening in my 7th and 8th grade classrooms. The kids are really responding and loving the lessons I am using from Mechanically Inclined. I've never seen such enthusiasm about writing, even the ones that really struggle.”
    E. Wiezman from Ohio