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Experience Jeff’s joyful, practical writing workshops at your school, district, or conference.

Conferences and Keynotes

Jeff can use elements of his message to fit themes. Please make Jeff aware of the timing of the keynote and what other expectations you do or don’t have for the day.

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All-Day and Half-Day Presentations for Schools, Districts, and Regional Centers

Revision Decisions: Talking Through Sentences and Beyond

Writing is not a mere journey to be right; it’s one of making beautiful meaning. Students have to have OPTIONS to tinker and experiment with writing to clarify and elevate it. Let's engage writers in the muck of play and thought that is essential to making writing effective. Let's develop twenty-first century writers with all the flexibility needed to face the myriad of choices in an ever-evolving world. We can effortlessly teach grammar through revision and revision through grammar. The essentials of mentor text, talk, and process will be the focus.

10 Things Every Writer Needs to Know

Students learn to write by writing, but how do you get students’ prose flowing and keep them writing? What actually inspires them to write and write well? it is imperative as writing teachers that we hold fast to what is essential and true for writing instruction in the 21st Century. What are the non-negotiable strategies writers need to survive and flourish? Come see how to get your writers in motion, and use mentor texts or the study of models to sustain and inspire them. Come think, laugh, talk, and write.

In this session, Jeff will tackle wisdom every writer needs to know from his book, 10 Things Every Writer Needs to Know with a special focus on expository/explanatory texts.

Mechanically Inclined: Teaching Grammar and Editing in Context, Grades 4-9

The words grammar and editing aren’t popular with most students (and many teachers). How do we help students become a part of this vital element of the writing process? How do we help students remember grammar and mechanics? Explore how weaving grammar and editing into the context of writing can be meaningful, interactive, and fun. Using wall charts, literature, and patterns, teachers discover how merging craft with grammar and editing can and will engage students.

Everyday Editing: Finding Power in Process

Editing can be more than a mere stage at the end of the writing process. We know correcting is not teaching, but what can editing instruction look like in a process-based classroom? Where do concept formation and mentor texts fit in? Dynamic ways to integrate an expanded definition of editing into a writing process classroom—every day—will be explored.

Jeff can also tailor demonstration lessons in a full or half day format. In your request email, ask him about demo lessons if you’re interested.

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