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    Zack Delacruz, Me and My Big Mouth

    Zack Delacruz Book Cover Press Realease

    Zack Delacruz

    Me and My Big Mouth

    by Jeff Anderson

    What happens after you stand up to the school bully?

    Twelve-year-old Zack Delacruz has remained happily unnoticed at his middle school… until now.  When he sees his classmate being teased by the school bully, Zack surprises everyone – including himself – by breaking out of his shell and standing up to the tormentor.

    Somehow this act of bravery gets Zack put in charge of the sixth-grade dance fundraiser with none other than the bully himself!  Zack’s situation goes from bad to worse when he learns that his best salesperson for the chocolate bar fundraiser has been EATING – not selling – her candy bars.

    Zack never wanted to be the class hero, but with the hopes of the entire sixth grade on the line, can he come up with a new plan to save the dance?

    With a diverse cast of characters, a great anti-bullying message, and incredibly funny and clever writing, everyone will be falling for ZACK DELACRUZ!


    Jeff Anderson is the author of Mechanically Inclined, Everyday Editing, 10 Things Every Writer Needs to Know, and Revision Decisions. Zack Delacruz is his debut middle grade novel.  A former elementary and middle school teacher, Jeff travels to schools across the country working with teachers and students to discover joy and power in the writing process. Visit him at or follow him on Twitter at @writeguyjeff #ZackDelacruz. Jeff lives in San Antonio, TX and is available for interview.

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